Manuel's story will change the way you think about world hunger...

A garbage dump is no place for children, but in Nicaragua hundreds of children scavenge there everyday. Children like Manuel search for scraps of food and anything they can sell in a second hand market in one of the poorest nations in the world.

Through our Take-Away Hunger program, children like Manuel have access to nutritious food. His health is improving and he is gaining in confidence. He no longer spends his days scavenging and now attends school. What a difference that is making.

What may surprise you is that this life-transforming work costs only $6 for each 100 meals provided - so much can be achieved for the cost of a take away meal!

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Latest News

  • Every 10 seconds, a child dies of hunger. And as the clock ticks, hope fades for more hungry children. But you can help. Today, Christian charity Feed The Hungry will feed over 80,000 children in the world’s hardest-hit countries, with a goal to feed 100,000 before the end of the year. And because we want these kids to know a full life feels good, we’ll also give them an education and a life-saving knowledge of Jesus.
  • Over $45,000 has already been generously given and doubled through the matching grant to reach a total of $95,000 toward our $104,000 goal! This matching grant must end by the end of August 2014, but you still have an opportunity to double your donation today and help so many more hurting children.
  • Every day, over 100 new Sudanese refugees come in who get resettled in Kiryandongo. It is a great challenge for us to store our food since the settlement has no buildings. And the schools are struggling because of the daily increase of kids coming in.